Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The youngest of the Sonny Sisters was in a car accident last night. She totaled the car, walked away shaken, but "OK."

The oldest was on the phone with her when it happened...heard the accident and then we couldn't reach Youngest for 45 minutes.

Where does your mind go in that 45 minutes? the last conversations you had...the last fight...wondering if she knows how special she is and what a hole it would leave in your life, in your family if she were to leave...

Sisters have a special bond. They know you at your best and your worst, and HAVE to love you anyways. Precious are my sisters because they make me WANT to love them.

On little sleep, emotionally drained and Grateful,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

So...Have you ever found yourself in a place where it is made quite obvious that you are not all that and a bag of chips? That your sassy, smoothness and your delightful diva-like ways are only as serious as the pants that you put on just like everybody else???

Just when you think you have walk out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your shoe or introduce yourself to a new client later realizing there is cilantro in your teeth. We all have them...those moments you just can't take back.

To add some background to this story...My hair has been getting on my last nerve lately. It is flat, lacks shine, color...I have felt like it has been a disaster!!! Jump to 2 nights ago..I am in the bathroom with my beloved niece. I lean over beside her and she says, "T! Your hair smells good...Like Rocco!" Well, for those of you that don't know, Rocco is my sister's dog. I said, "What!?!?" With shock and horror, came to realize that the doggie shampoo bottle looks quite a bit like people shampoo and when placed RIGHT BESIDE people shampoo is quite easily mistaken.

Yes world...I have been using Doggie shampoo. I am comfortable enough in my imperfections to own it!! :) Think how good my hair is gonna look when I go back to the real deal!

Love, Middlest

Monday, October 18, 2010

The "Change" of Fall

It's almost embarrassing to come back to this page and begin to type...It's been TOO LONG. There are no good excuses, but lemme try:
  1. Dad's Health
  2. I Moved
  3. Job/Career/Life Change
So...a few things going on. My how fast life can change!! Summer was non-existent, overflowing with stresses and tears and the oh so scary "Change." As much as we try to avoid it, it is inevitable.
The one change that I will always welcome with open arms is my Beloved Autumn. There is just something about leaves changing color, crunching under your feet...the crisp morning air when you first step out...sweatshirts and jeans, football, and The Apple Orchard or Pumpkin Patch!!
As much as life takes from us sometimes, we have to invest back in...connect with people we love, make silly faces, laugh. We have opportunities every day to create memories...We made these memories a few weeks ago at one of our favorite Fall Spots...Get out and enjoy!!

Love, Middlest

Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Style

Today I am sporting a cutesy brown headband with a flower on the side made out of brown shades of tulle. When first seeing this headband, I thought hmmm…naah. But after some coaxing from the Youngest, I decided to give it a try.

Well today was the day…I put it on and appreciated the color combo with my hair and outfit. I felt more Girly, Summery, and Flirty and have been getting comments on it all day.

Feeling drab?? Angry like me that I am past the age of getting 3 months off for summer vacation???? Throw something out of the norm into your wardrobe. A bright color, a feminine touch…Happy Summer!

Love, Middlest

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

STYLE ICON: Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald was one of the most exciting jazz singers of her time and, because of the naturalness of her style, had a popular appeal that extended far beyond the borders of jazz. Referred to as "The First Lady of Song"

When researching Ella, I also found her referred to as “A large, pleasant-looking woman.”

Large…hmmm…Thick girls have always been criticized; even the ones that came long before us. But pleasant looking??? She’s beautiful!! The flawless makeup, the beautiful hair, the fashion…Ella Exudes style. I also have a soft spot for her because she reminds me of my Grandma J

Ella was born in Newport News, VA on April 25th, 1917. Her parents separated shortly after her birth and her and her mother moved to Yonkers, NY. When Ella was young she always dreamed of becoming a dancer, but she also loved listening to the jazz records her mother brought home.

When Ella was 15, her Mom had a heart attack and passed away. Ella’s grades slipped, she started getting into trouble. She began working as a lookout for a bordello and with a mafia-affiliated numbers runner. After getting in trouble with the police, she was placed at the Colored Orphan Asylum in the Bronx.

Just 2 short years later, Ella made her singing debut at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY. She had originally planned to go onstage and dance but she was intimidated by a local dance group, so she decided to sing instead. (Can you imagine? What would’ve happened had she chose to dance instead of sing that night??)

Ella was in the music business for over 50 years. Her last recording took place in 1991 and her last public performance was in 1993. She had 2 tumultuous marriages, and adopted one son, Ray Brown Jr.

Ella Fitzgerald was notoriously shy, late in her career when accepting an award she said, “I don’t want to say the wrong thing, which I always do. I think I do better when I sing.”

RIP Ella, Middlest

Friday, June 4, 2010


For those of you who have lived the cycle of dieting, success, defeat, High Self Esteem, Low Self Esteem, putting on weight, losing more weight and hopefully finally Self Acceptance…You are not alone.

My sisters and I have lived that cycle over and over. We have great Genes in some regard, but fight against others on a daily basis. The older I get, the less I care about what people think and the more concerned I get with my health.

I read this article recently that put a spotlight on actresses who are too thin. I’m sure the pressure to be perfect they feel is overwhelming at times…but is it worth your health? Check out the pictures...

Beauty and Style have nothing to do with size, Take care of YOU

Don’t believe the Hype…Middlest

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How to Cope with Stress...with Style

So…after our last blog about Dad going in to fix his broken heart, the inevitable STRESS ensued. After or during any major Family or Personal issue, Stress is typically a main character in the play. I don’t know about you but Emotional stress has always been much more draining on me than Physical stress. You are tired all the time, not eating right, your relationships are strained, maybe difficulties in maintaining your job responsibilities and the rest of your life that just simply seems to stop or become not so important while you lean over and kiss your Dad goodbye as they wheel him down to surgery.

Isn’t that amazing? The oh-so-important issues of life just simply fade into the background when you or someone you love is in personal crisis. The bills that need to be paid and the lunch date or commitment you signed up for, (the Blog you were so excited to write!!) suddenly lose their place in your daily thought process.

During the 5 hour surgery they are replaced by memories of a strong, laughing, running Father who coached Little League and played Hide and Seek at night outside with us. A man who never said a harsh word to me in the 32 years I have known him… who is the kindest, sweetest man I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

The next few days, filling prescriptions and glaring at nurses who aren’t as nice as you think they should be followed by washing this 6’4” man’s face and helping him in and out of bed while trying to maintain the dignity and self care for him none of us ever want to face losing.

As the days turn into weeks, the threat of immediate danger lessens and the call of responsibility and the reality of life come back into the forefront. Now the bills, the forgotten commitments, lunch dates and Blog demand attention. So, the stress of your crises now on top of daily life can be somewhat overwhelming at times.

What do you do? How do you handle the stress of life with Style and Grace? How do you go back to work when all you want to do is crawl up in your Dad’s lap and hear him say, “It’s gonna be ok.”
1. You acknowledge that there are no rules for going through this

2. You feel it! If you need to cry, scream, laugh all in a days time…do it!

3. Draw close to people you love

4. Prioritize and Organize your life…One task, One hour, One day at a time

5. Rest

6. Pray

7. Repeat

Exhausted and Resting in God’s Hands,
the Middlest